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"I just finished 4 months of chemo and 1 month of radiation and unfortunately the side effects are bad. I experienced extreme muscle pain in my neck and shoulders for a month and I applied AcuPlus every day during this period and my pain went from a 10 to a 4. I'm happy to say I am cancer free now and my pain is gone but I still use AcuPlus when I am really sore from a workout. I am a fan."

Amber, Mother Of 3 & Cancer Survivor

"I just finished 4 months of chemo and 1 month of radiation and unfortunately the side effects are bad. I experienced extreme muscle pain in my neck and shoulders for a month and I applied AcuPlus every day during this period and my pain went from a 10 to a 4. I'm happy to say I am cancer free now and my pain is gone but I still use AcuPlus when I am really sore from a workout. I am a fan."

Amber, Mother Of 3 & Cancer Survivor

"I am a Speech Pathologist and I am on my feet all day going from patient to patient and after having 2 babies; my knees and hips ache all the time. One of my friends told me about AcuPlus and I am working on the third bottle. I swear by this cream as it relieves the achey feeling in my knees and hips. I am a happy customer; thank you AcuPlus."

Michelle,  Joint Pain

"As a certified Basi Pilates instructor, I see a lot of people not able to complete workout routines because of aches and pains. I recommend to my clients AcuPlus pain relieving cream to help them with muscle and joint soreness. This helps them workout more efficiently and without pain."

Beatriz, Certified Basi Pilates Instructor

"I was having pain in my hip joints and in my lumbar area, and it was stopping me from doing any exercise or walking... It's been a long term problem. With the cream, putting it on before I walk has made all the difference in the world!"

Samuel, Long-Term Joint & Lumbar Pain

"I have been playing soccer for over 50 years and counting!  It has taken a toll on my body, especially my knees. I like AcuPlus non-greasy formula and fast pain relief for everyday use. It works wonders before and after exercise... even my teammates are using it!"

George, Long-Term Sports Related Injury Pain

"I’ve had some issues with my neck and back. I recently started using the cream and has really helped. I use it in the morning and evening and occasionally while at work. You can feel it working immediately and it dries quickly. I will be sharing AcuPlus with my friends and family."

Kathryn, Neck & Back Pain

"I’m 77 years old and retired. I have lots of problems with my shoulders and back, and this product has given me great relief. Late in the afternoon I’m real sore and hurting really bad and I can put the cream on and it’s a miracle! It really works good and you can put it on several times a day. I can’t say enough good stuff about this product. I highly recommend it. If you have any questions give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk about it."

Ronald, Shoulders & Back Pain

"I was experiencing pain mostly in my legs from my hips to my knees and I could not do a lot of activities. Acuplus works great; I can put it on my hips and knees and it instantly releases the pain. I am so happy that AcuPlus takes the pain away and the smell is not like other creams like bengay. I told one of my friends in Georgia about AcuPlus and she loves it and even people at church I know are getting relief with AcuPlus."

Linda, Leg Pain

"I have bad ankle pain; so much that it makes it difficult for me to walk. When the weather changes my ankle would swell and hurt. It was very painful and uncomfortable. AcuPlus has helped manage my pain. AcuPlus has helped me get off the pain meds and it’s works better than the pain medication. I like how AcuPlus is much cheaper than medication, it's non greasy and it helps relieve my pain. I tell everyone I know who is in pain about AcuPlus."

Gwen, Ankle Pain

"I have pain in my neck, my hands and my knees. The pain has affected my life in areas of work and daily activities. AcuPlus has relieved inflammation which has definitely helped my joints to feel much better and it also increases the circulation to help with my pain. I love AcuPlus because its all natural, I can take it several times per day and it has decreased the amount of pain medication I have to take daily. I have two friends who are also getting relief using AcuPlus."

Becky, Neck, Hand & Knee Pain

"Before starting AcuPlus I couldn't grip things without pain in my hands especially in the morning. Also, my lower back and neck hurt all the time; so much I didn’t want to move my body or neck. AcuPlus has helped me so much! I now can bend, move, grip, turn my head and live life again. AcuPlus is not greasy, it doesn’t leave a film on your skin and best part is that I am off all my pain medications. I recommend AcuPlus to anyone with pain."

Denise, Hand, Neck & Lower Back Pain

"I have a severe right knee pain. So much that it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I reach for my acuplus and within minutes the pain is gone. I also suffer from sinus headaches and I place Acuplus on my temples and forehead and it releases the pressure and headache. I love AcuPlus because I don’t have to take any pain pills and it’s all natural. My daughter also has experienced relief and I get her a bottle every time she runs out."

Catherine, Hand, Neck & Lower Back Pain

"I have pain in my right shoulder and my lower back. The doctor wants me to do surgery on my shoulder but now since I take AcuPlus I get relief and surgery is off. Also, when I apply to my lower back the pain subsides within minutes. I can’t take anti-inflammatory medication because it causes my stomach to hurt. Acuplus works the same as an anti-inflammatory medication without digesting a pill. What I love most about AcuPlus is it makes my life easier to enjoy my daily hobbies. "

Luis, Hand, Shoulder & Lower Back Pain

"I experience pain in my lower back that radiates into my right hip. I couldn't hardly walk and I couldn’t work in my shop making it was impossible to work. I started using AcuPlus and it really takes the pain away and the relief is better than from pain medication. I like how AcuPlus does not stain your clothes, doesn’t smell bad and it actually WORKS. I have sent AcuPlus to my sons who live out of state and they are getting relief too. I highly recommend it."

Ronald, Hip & Lower Back Pain

"I experience pain in my back, hips and legs. The pain debilitates my life. With AcuPlus; I am getting pain relief without taking pain pills. I like AcuPlus because I can put it on anytime and anywhere whether i’m at work or in the car."

Pamela, Hip, Leg & Back Pain

"My name is Dale R. and I have been using your Acuplus Pain Formula for over 6 months now and cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results. I suffer from debilitating pain in my thumb and elbow joints. I have tried several other products and they do not measure up to this product. I strongly urge people to try Acuplus…….. IT WORKS!!!"

Dale, Joint Pain

"The chronic pain in my wrist kept getting progressively worse, and it became
obvious that if I was to continue playing tennis (my passion for the past 40 years),
I needed to “bite-the-bullet” and submit to surgery. Knowing that this wrist fusion
procedure was going to put me out of commission for 8 months or so, I scheduled
the surgery to recover over the winter months. This product has saved me from
going forward with the surgery. It’s that good. I can now play tennis 3x/week with
very little arthritic pain during and after play."

Paul, Wrist Pain

"This product arrived in the nick of time. I am in the early to mid stage of arthritis. It’s especially bad in my trapezium/styloid area. That’s the bottom most joint of the thumbs. It affects my hips and neck as well. After about 15 mins of application, I felt COMPLETE relief. I applied it again the next morning and at night, to my neck and hips. First time I could sleep through the night during one of these flare ups. I will buy a larger supply next time, but appreciate not having to sell the farm just to see how great it is. As for the seller, it arrived promptly and well packaged. I did pull out the scissors because my hands were aching, that’s how good it’s packaged. Would I recommend? Darn straight I would-and already have."

Susan, Joint, Hip & Knee Pain

"Bought this to try out on my chronic foot pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Just received it today and have rubbed my feet with it 2x so far, it’s fantastic, never thought I’d get any relief. Tried a little on my stiff neck and it has definitely helped! I highly recommend it."

Robert, Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

"Man, this stuff works. I'm not one to write reviews and such, but I would love to have someone see this review and buy a jar. I'm in the middle of trying to get a knee back in working order. I've had a meniscus tear surgery, a couple of cortisone shots, and pain meds. The pain persists and goes from hurting pretty bad to chronic pain over and over every day. It's really bad. I have a few options before getting a new knee, but this cream might be my answer. For real, it just plain works. Im almost 60 years old, so a new knee surgery d ou doesn't sound to cool. If I can get by with using this a few times a day instead, i good with it. Has a nice scent, slightly menthol, it is gone in no time. No lingering Ben Gay smell to deal with. It rubs into my skin without any greasy feeling at all. Just rub some in and go about your day. Im sold on it. My wife found out about it somehow, and ordered it for me. I'm gonna keep using this as long as it keeps on working for me. If my knee deteriorates to a point where this isn't giving me enough relief, I'll look into the next course of action. But as for now, my advice is to give it a try."

Mary, Knee Pain

"This gel is insanely good! 10 times better than Icy Hot! I ordered it after seeing it featured in a local news story. It is a well thought out product that packs a serious punch. The gel consistency allows it to stay put while applying, soaks in the skin immediately.
I used it on my sciatica pain that wasn’t responding to medicine. It made it manageable for me to sleep and took the edge off. Once the nerve began to heal, I could feel powerful icy “burn” so much better. It’s strong, but not intolerable.
My husband decided to use it on his knee that’s bothered him for years after exercising. He was so impressed he took my bottle, so I’ve ordered more for back-up! We also appreciate the more natural ingredients used. Don’t hesitate to purchase!"

Kelly, Sciatica & Knee Pain

"I was suffering with extreme bursitis in both hips just before Christmas. Because of travel plans I chose not to schedule a doctors appt and order this product. After using this product along with alternating cold/heat therapy for 3 days I was so much better. So glad to be able to use this product instead of getting cortisone injection"

Teri, Hip Bursitis Pain

"I have been using this product for about 6 months and I love it! The fresh mental scent has a cooling sensations and you can feel the product working to reduce pain and stiffness. I have given it to my friends and family to try. Don't know what I did without it.
Thank you!"

Robert, Stiffness & Pain

"I use AcuPlus on the base of my neck and trapezius muscles and lower back/Sciatica pain. It works great for these problem areas. It’s very soothing too and helps me relax before bed. Very happy that I discovered this product. This is my second order. I hope you’ll like it too!"

Steven, Back & Sciatica & Pain

"I have been using this product for the last five months. I don't like taking medication. This has really helped with my back pain, sciatica, and arthritis in my foot. I felt the pain go away within the half hour of use. I would recommend this to anyone that has chronic pain. You have to try it."

Marie, Back & Sciatica, Arthritis & Pain

"It’s awesome! I have Low back pain and this helps out tremendously!! I also have found that it helps my neck pain that causes my stress headaches!! Definitely will keep this on hand!"

Thomas, Low Back Pain

"I used this for a recurring back pain after gardening. WOW it took away the pain and I applied BEFORE weeding my garden the next time. It worked just as well.

Wanda, Back Pain
"I have very bad back and hip pain. I bought two of these just recently. One for me and one for my sister. It works awesome for me. Best thing I’ve found so far. For my sister it took a few minutes to relieve her very bad and extremely painful spasms in both of her legs. She said in about less than five minutes she was feeling better. Thank goodness for that. I’ve tried so many other things for her but so far barely anything has worked. Trial and error I guess. But thank goodness I got this because it does work for her and her pain at night is so bad that she is up until 4 or 5 in the morning crying with pain in her legs. Her doctor said she has a rare disease and there is no treatment for pain symptoms. Like I’ve said I tried almost everything out there for just a few minutes of pain relief for her I would do anything. It hurt me more so seeing her like this. So I tried a lot of things online and over the counter and so far this has been working. Thank goodness to whoever made this stuff. A big thank you. As for me I have very bad back problems and bursitis in both of my hips. I too have tried everything and so far nothing has worked. The first time I tried this I was very amazed. I had no back or hip pain all night long and I didn’t need my pain medicine. I slept all night with no pain. Thank goodness. I have used this every single night and it’s awesome. I don’t have any burning and I do not smell anything when putting it on myself or my sister. There is like a cooling feeling but it lasts for exactly less than ten minutes I’d say. Not more than that. It’s definitely worth the price and the time if you have such severe pain like me and my sister. I also put this on my mom who is totally crippled with arthritis. Doctors gave her pain medicine but does not help much. I have felt so bad seeing my mom in so much pain. I told her I would try this on her and to let me know if it helps. Trial and error is all I can say. After I put it on her in about five minutes or so I asked her if her hands were ok. Her hands are crippled with severe arthritis and there is nothing the doctors can do except give her medicine which helps little. So I tried this and about five minutes or so she told me her hands actually felt better. I was extremely shocked. That’s why I said a big thank you to whoever made this stuff. I will keep buying it for the 3 of us from now on. You just have to do a trial and error like I did to find what works for you. This stuff is just awesome. I love it so much. I hope they will continue to make this stuff because I think I might just be living off of it. All three of us, my mom, my sister and myself suffer with a whole lot of pain and so far this has been working. Thank you Jesus so much for the relief we have received. And thank you to whoever has made this stuff. I greatly appreciate it. I hope this review has helped you. Good luck in your search for finding something that definitely works for you but this is working for us. "

Shellie,  Back & Hip pain.
"Absolutely love this! I don't need pain meds when I use this. I have neck, back, hip and joint pain. This pretty much takes the pain away and allows me to do my job and other everyday things "

Roxanne,  Back & Hip & Joint pain.
"Always skeptical of creams and ointments because over the years of playing sports, exercising and growing older, OTC ointments never really seemed to do the trick. I have nagging shoulder pain from years of use, including rotator issues, impingement, bursitis, etc. I gave it a try...I was amazed how the cream knocked the pain down and allowed me better range of motion. I liked it so much, I got an extra bottle and gave it to my mom for her arthritis and bursitis. Excellent as advertised."

Cathy,  Shoulder pain.
"I have been having terrible neck and shoulder pain. When I saw acuplus on the news I thought I would give it a try.  So I ordered the 2 oz bottle and this stuff works great !!! I just ordered the 4 oz jar just hope I get my order before I run out. 
I definitely give it 2 thumbs up!  "

Mike,  neck & shoulder pain.
" I hit my elbow on something and bruised the tendons, exray shows good elbow no arthritis at all. I have been using your ACUPLUS, instead something the Dr. Wanted me to get to put on the swollen elbow. Your product has given me more relief than I could expect. The Dr. Said it will take 8 weeks to heal, by using your ACUPLUS, I feel I am ahead of his predictions. I found your product by research online. 
Thanks for having a wonderful product."

V. Robbins,  Bruised tendons & swollen elbow.
"My 85 year young mother has a lot of pain with her bursitis and arthritis in her shoulders and knee pain dealing with bone on bone with both knees. She has tried a lot of over the counter pain creams and has found no relief until she saw an ad on TV for this miracle cream that has helped her immensely with her daily pain. Thank you very much for such a great product and please continue to make this wonderful cream that has made a big difference in the health for my mother."I definitely give it 2 thumbs up!  "

Lynn, Daily Bursitis & Arthritis Pain.
"To all
I saw a commercial about your product and I thought if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg I might go ahead and try it. I ordered the 2 oz and went ahead and got the extra 2 oz with it. I received the package right away and tried it that night. I have severe arthritis in my right hip and when I get out of bed in the mornings I can barely walk to get to the restroom. The very first time I used the cream before going to bed and when I woke up I walked straight into the restroom without having to hold onto my hip. I have now placed an order for the 4 oz jars and I have Thanked GOD for Acu Plus. I am 69 years old and I haven't felt this good in years. I really want to Thank Everyone involved in this product because it is a blessing. 
Thank You"

Myrtle, 69 years old and I haven't felt this good in years!
KPLC Anchor Brintey Glaser Highlights benefits of the pain cream and patient success stories.
KPLC Anchor Brintey Glaser Highlights benefits of the pain cream and patient success stories.